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Skipping to Earn

To begin their trip with JS, users must have their own NFTs, either rope-equipped or locked with a set number of $JS tokens. Tokens earned via jumping rope can be used in-app or even cashed out for profit at any moment.


The weekly Scoreboard is accessible to all system players, and the top players with the highest scores will be displayed on the monthly leaderboard. To register, players must pay a registration fee to the pool; the system will then calculate and plan the tournament schedule for pairs.

NFT lending

To make the game more accessible to new players, we are offers a clever rental system that makes it as simple as downloading the app and renting a Jump rope.


Players can rent, lease, and trade NFTs Jump rope, Badges as well as Gems on the marketplace. The marketplace has a simple filter and sort option for navigation.


A massive ecosystem for all players of JSweat, easy to use, easy to earn. Be healthy!



• Platform building
• Team setup
• Application setup
• Smart contract setup
• Smart contract audit
• First marketing campaign
• Listing on PancakeSwap
• Listed on Coingecko
• Listed on Coinmarketcap


• App launching on Google Play store
• NFT marketplace launching
• In-app wallet upgrade
• Next massive marketing campaign
• Bridging to Solana
• 30,000 users
• NFTs lending protocol
• Online Skipping rope competition
• In-app trading function


• Application update Ver 2.0
• Milestones system
• 60,000 users
• Multi-sport application
• Creating huge range of partnerships
• Offline JSweat Event



Ready : It is necessary to download the JSweat app and connect it to the Metamask Wallet in order to get started with the project.


First step : Install the JSweat App JS is now available for download here: “Coming soon”


Second step : Connect your Metamask wallet
Create a connection between the app and your Metamask wallet by selecting “Connect” in the upper right corner of the app and entering your BSC Wallet address, which will be used to receive tokens as incentives.


Third step : Launch this application, press START, and then place your phone in your pocket.


Fourth step : Jumps and Counts then earn

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